Our brains on misinformation

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Remembering Rodney King

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Much like the outpouring of protests in physical public squares during a crisis, this research explicates the outpouring of protests in digitally mediated spaces that enable social movements on the internet.

Pursuant to LeFebvre (1991), this research draws a distinction between abstract spaces and the socially constructed spaces.

Contribution to theory, methodology and practice

Theoretical Contribution

This research expands our understanding of digitally mediated spaces that emerge during a crisis and enable activism and social movements.

Methodological Contribution

This research introduces…

The entanglement of digitally mediated spaces and social movements.

What is a theory?

Political, social and economic impact

Mass, popular and oppositional cultures

Mind mapping the “George Floyd Digital Universe”

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Shama Patel

I’m passionate about exploring the entanglement of social and digital, and its implications for our collective future.

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